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Lead Paint Inspection

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Lead paint inspections are broken down into Three basic categories

Comprehensive Lead Paint Inspection
Risk Assessments
Renovation Repair and Painting
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From informative links to routine forms, we have everything you need to make our services more efficient. At Environmental Testing Services Inc, we are here for you!
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Lead Abatement

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Our goal when conducting lead paint inspections is to provide you the Knowledge to protect your Family from lead poisoning.
* Proudly Serving Central & Western Massachusetts , including Hampshire County & Hampden *

Who We Are

You can always count on the professionals at our lead inspection company in Springfield, Massachusetts, when you need lead testing. Established in 1988, Environmental Testing Services Inc provides residential and commercial lead services, using safe working methods and practices. We specialize in lead paint detection so let us stop the potential health risks on your property.
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